Panos Trivoulides was born in Egypt to Greek parents. His talent in the arts spans three generations: His grandmother, Irene Trivoulides (1892-1978), a Victorian Artist; his father, Vassilis Trivoulides (1925-1978), a surrealist and contemporary artist, as well as a classical music composer, was recognized and awarded internationally; and his mother, Stamatia Trivoulides, a classical artist in painting also recognized internationally in theater arts. His parents are featured in the encyclopedia "GREEK ARTISTS."

Panos has been photographing professionally for over fifteen years, specializing in fashion, commercial, product, and scenic photography. A native of Greece, he always had passion for the arts, performing in many theatrical productions during his high school years in Greece and while in Egypt studing for his degree in Hotel Managment. It was also during this time when he first got his start in front of the camera lens as a model, appearing in local and national magazines, catalogs, and television commercials. But it was not until moving to the United States that he realized his true passion was behind the camera.

Immigrating to the U.S in 1990 and settling in Washington DC, Panos self-studied the art of photography and applied his creative abilities and experience that would eventually enable him to begin his own photography business PANOS PHOTOGRAPHY. He has worked in all the major cities in the industry - New York, Miami, LA, Chicago - as well as Europe - France, Germany, Italy, and Greece. His work has appeared in many publications including Detail magazine, Ego Trip magazine Miami, Washingtonian, Virginia Living Magazine, Mya Saray, DC One, and the Washington Post.

Today he sells his work to private collectors and is a avid supporter of fundraising causes.